Graft The poems in Graft attempt to bring things together – ideas and cultures, people, sometimes to heal. Sometimes there are unlikely pairs: science and magical thinking, fact and fiction, myth and history. Sometimes there are more predictable pairings with less predictable outcomes - mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. They dig away at things, trying to find a truth or an answer or a lost person. What we find is often not what we are looking for.

“Helen Heath’s poems are more than usually aware of the exits and entrances that shape us: they shuttle between past and present, shroud and wedding gown, the lives we lead and the lives we aspire to. Sometimes they do their digging in tough or broken terrain, but they are always alert for points of continuity, connection, and wholeness.” 

– Bill Manhire

Paula Green says: "Helen Heath's new collection, Graft is a joy to read. Afraid of neither ideas nor feeling, the poems refresh both past and present."

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