Friday, 15th October, 2010





Two years ago I wrote a list of things (below) I wanted to do by now, some of these things I've √done, some I've *abandoned and some are +in progress / on-going...

I haven't finished half of them yet but looking at the list now I can see it was a bit ambitious! (haha). Ah well, we live and learn.

This week I turned 40. I thought perhaps 40 would be a scary age but actually I'm more relaxed now than in my 30s, the kids are old enough to be less stress inducing but young enough to be not teenage stress inducing. ;-)

The biggest things I gave up on were the Young Adult novels but I feel good about it. Last year I realised I was a poet, not a novelist and that isn't a bad thing.

I feel pretty good about the things I did do, and they were fun. Some of the in progress things are closer than others but I can see them happening. I don't feel the same desperate sense of urgency I did two years ago.

= What's on your To Do list? =


40 things I’d like to do before I turn 40


Sew a quilt +

Complete Frida’s Wardrobe project *

Finish my poetry manuscript √

Finish my YA manuscript *

Catch up on my WIP pile +

Do an overnight tramp again *

Go on a crafty girls road trip √

Transfer my vinyl to mp3 *

Read at least one book a fortnight √

Swim once a week *

Stay overnight on Kapiti Island +

Take the kids to visit the European rellis +

Dance more √

Make mix-cds for my friends +

Ride a toboggan down a snowy hillside +

Collaborate with a singer *

Exhibit/curate a women’s book collaboration +

Get some topographical maps *

Teach myself to play the recorder again √

Go roller skating √

Practise speaking foreign languages +

Start a second poetry manuscript √

Start a second YA novel *

Start a fire without matches √

Write a play *

Walk around with headphones on just breathing √

Skinny dip again +

Go to a tropical island +

Grow some decent tomatoes *

Say NO more often √

Take a big risk √

Send off more poems √

Go to some live music √

Clear all the pruning rubbish off our section √

Plant blueberry bushes and a stone fruit tree √

Turn a dead zone in the garden into a social space *

Dust off my fire-poi +

Start up a seed swap and a vintage sheet swatch swap √

Do more public performance √

Take the boogie board out again +



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